Monday, June 3, 2019

June 3-7

Hello Families,

It has been a great year!!! We are family now and I always will want to hear about this children!!! It is so amazing how fast it goes.  This year, my first class at Rio is graduating high school!!! I can't believe it!!! Please keep in contact, my door is always open, even if it moves!!!

This week is our last week!!!  We will be finishing up with wrapping up the year.  On Wednesday, it is a regular schedule for Kindergarten.  We will be out at 11:25 in quad.  On Friday, school will be done at 10:50.  Since it will be the whole school, we will have pick up at the park.  Please give me warning of where your child is going if it is any different then usual.  Just a quick email or note that day telling me that they will go on bus or be picked up instead.  Students will be confused this week, so if I don't get a note or email, I will only be doing the usual for that day.

Also, I shared with the class that we will have a theme for each day!!!! I didn't want to start on Monday just in case some did not see email.  I will send home a quick letter with the schedule. 

Have a great last week!!!
Mrs. Sandman

Weekly reminder:

Wednesday: school is out at 11:25 for Kindergarten

Friday: Last day, all students out at 10:50, Kindergarten pick up is at the Rio Park! Report Cards go home

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

May 28-May 31

Hello Families,

A friendly reminder that Kindergarten promotion/graduation is Tuesday, May 28 at 8:15 in our classroom.  We hope you all can join us.  We will be singing songs and reciting a poem.  Students have been practicing and are excited! 

Monday, May 27- no school
Tuesday, May 28- Kindergarten Promotion/Graduation in room 16
Wednesday, May 29- Kindergarten End of the Year celebration ( at the blue Rio Park)
Friday, June 7- Last Day of school, school ends at 10:50 am. (report cards go home) Summer begins!

Have a great week!
Mrs. Sandman

Friday, May 10, 2019

May 13-17

Hello Families,

Thank you for appreciating me all week long!!! I felt so much love!!!!!  My husband is off the hook for mother's day with all the flowers, chocolate, gift cards to dinner, etc.  Thanks AGAIN!

We all done with our Centers!!! Thanks to all the parents who helped all year long!!!!!

We will be getting ready for our Open House next Thursday.  We will be finishing up projects!

Please continue to practice word wall words, math facts, and reading.  We will have math and reading assessments these last few weeks of school and be assessing for our report cards. 

Please return the take home just right readers by next Friday.  We need to inventory for next year!!!!

In math, we are working on decomposing numbers, fact families, number sentences, etc.
[ ]= 4-1 
5= [ ]+3

We will be practicing our songs and write our ABC poem for our graduation/promotion.

Open house: Thursday, May 16 at 6-7 pm
Jogging-for-the-Arts: Friday, May 17th at 8:15 am
No school : Monday, May 27
Promotion/graduation day: Tuesday, May 28 at 8:15
End of the Year party: Wednesday, May 29 at 9:30\

Happy Mother's day!!! Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Sandman

Sunday, May 5, 2019

May 6-10

Hello Families,

We had a busy week in Kindergarten!  We started practicing songs and poems for our promotion ceremony!  This class loves to perform and they are excited to have a promotion ceremony on May 28th at 8:15!  Please mark your calendar!

Word Wall Words:  "saw", "make"

In Writer's Workshop, the class completed their opinion writing.  They wrote about how to clean our school or what needs to be fixed and wrote to Ms. Green.  Some other persuasive writing pieces were writing about favorite pet or dessert.  The students stated their opinion, gave 2-3 reasons to support their opinion, and some offered a solution to solve the problem.  This is one of my favorite writing pieces!  

In Reader's Workshop, students will learn how to scan the pages of a book to locate known words that can help them read words in a snap!

In Math, the students are becoming experts at solving word problems.  Wow!  Most students are able to show at least 3 strategies on their paper.  Most students are making an effort to solve the challenging words problems.  We tie this in with having growth mindset by trying new things and giving their best effort.  Our brains grow when we make mistakes so most students are feeling comfortable making an effort to solve the "challenge" work.  

We will be doing a fun "Growing Up" book this month.  Please send in a baby picture of your child (no larger than 4 x 6) that can be used for a writing assignment. You will not be getting these back so please send one in that you can part with by May 14.  Thank you!

It would also be helpful to review our classroom guidelines during this time:
- Raise your hand if you have a question or comment.
- Walk in the classroom and in the halls.
- Respect everyone and everything.

Thank you,
Mrs. Sandman

Hawaiian Spirit Day - Wednesday, May 8th
Open House - May 16th
Send a baby pic by 5/14
No School 5/27 - Memorial Day
Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony - 5/28 at 8:15
End-of-the-Year Kindergarten Party- 5/29 9:30 at Rio Park

Have a fun weekend!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

April 29-May 3

Dear Families,

Wow, May begins this week!!!  On Wednesday, the staff at Rio would like to say thank you to all the families for helping in class, projects, field trips, auction, site council volunteers, etc.  Please come by school in the morning at drop off.  We will have muffins, coffee, and juice in the park and will passing out at the cars in drop off!!! Thank you!!!!

This Wednesday is Hawaiian spirit day!!! Dress in your best Hawaiian clothing "Luau style".

We will continue our "Ocean" theme unit.  We will be starting our sea animal report.  We will be talking about different habitats in the ocean where animals of certain adaptations to protect against predators or help them to capture their prey.

We will be having a "STEAM" day on Wednesday, May 22.  We will be having 3 rotations of programs will the focus of science.  For one of our programs, we need many different materials in order for students to create their science experiment.  Please send in boxes of different sizes (cereal, amazon, shoe boxes, etc).  Also, we need recycled containers like yogurt, egg carton, etc.)  I can't wait for the children to come home and tell you all about their STEAM day!

Math: We have been working finding missing addends and using information to solve word problems. I am so amazed at what these children can do!!!!! They are so ready for first grade!!!

Open House: Thursday, May 16
No school: Monday, May 27 (Memorial day)
Kindergarten graduation/promotion day: Tuesday, May 28th at 8:15 (everyone invited)
Kindergarten Party in the Rio Park: Wednesday, May 29th at 9:30
Last day of school: Friday, June 7th.  School is done at 10:50 am

Have a great week!
Mrs. Sandman

Sunday, April 21, 2019

April 22-26

Hello Kindergarten Families!

Spring is in the air and students are excited about the warm weather.  Students are growing at a rapid rate and we will continue to review safety rules and guidelines for the classroom and playground.

The Book Swap on Wednesday was a success.  Students had fun turning in their books and swapping them for another book.  Thank you for participating.

On Monday, we will begin our unit on the "ocean".  This is our last unit for the year. The unit involves learning about ocean animals, habitats, and what animals and plants need to survive.  We will compare ocean habitats (seashore, tide pool, deep sea etc.) as well as write an ocean animal report.  The cool projects will be displayed on 5/16 at Open House.  Please mark your calendars for this special evening with your child.  We will transform our classroom into an OCEAN habitat.  You're going to love it!

In Writer's Workshop, students will continue to edit their opinion writing.  The students will think about how to make their writing better by getting feedback from their peers.  Students will practice reading their story with a partner and giving feedback to their partner.  At the end of the week, students will make a title page for their writing.

In Math, we will continue to focus on fact families and decomposing numbers to 10.  Students are still confused when they see 5=3+2 (decomposing) versus 3+2=5 (composing).  Please practice decomposing at home using different strategies such as number bonds, drawings, objects etc.

This Thursday, we will learn about landscapes and students will make a cool art project for their "art portfolio".  

Mark your calendars:
Open House - May 16th
No School 5/27 - Memorial Day
Kindergarten Promotion Ceremony - 5/28 at 8:15
End-of-the-Year Kindergarten Party- 5/29 9:30 at Rio Park

Have a wonderful week, 
Mrs. Sandman

Friday, April 12, 2019

April 15-19

Hello Families,

I am so proud of our class.  They did an amazing job at the morning assembly.  It can be so scary speaking and singing in front of the whole school and they did amazing!!!!

We are still finishing up our insects and plants theme this next week.  Students will be making ladybugs with double facts.  We will writing about the life cycle of a ladybug.  We will be making compound words with insect names.

We will have a book swap on Wednesday, April 17th.  Please turn in your books by Tuesday if you want to participate. 

In Writer's workshop, Earth day is coming up so we are discussing how we can help our own school with cleaning up.  We will be touring the school and identifying things that we could help with keeping it clean.  Then, we will write to Ms. Green about how we can make a difference.

In Reader's workshop, we will be discussing ways of how to read by taking a quick glance at the book and reading the pictures and captions.  We will be finding compound words in books.

In Math, we will be talking about measurement and how we use tools to measure length, weight, capacity, and temperature.  This is a great way to show them things you do at home to connect them to real world like weighing themselves on a scale, taking their temperature, and measuring food while cooking.

In Language Arts, we will be starting our Authors' study on "Eric Carle".  We will be reading many books written by Eric Carle and comparing the pictures and story elements.

Word Wall Words: When,What

Can you believe that a year ago, I meet most of your children at Kinder Round Up.  I will be at school on Monday, but will be in Library meeting the Kinders coming up next year at Kinder Round Up. 

Students have no school on Friday, April 19th.  It is a teacher work day. 

No School on Friday, April 19th
Open House- Thursday, May 16th
Memorial Day-No school Monday, May 27th
Kinder Graduation- Tuesday, May 28th at 8:15 (all parents welcome)
Kinder Party at Rio Park- Wednesday, May 29th (at 9:30)

Have a great weekend!  Hope to see you all at the Auction tomorrow night!!!
Mrs. Sandman